Preserving Memories

At Yuvacali Village

Turkish Village 2011

Welcome to the 2017 Advent Calendar. The last calendar I made was made, way back, in another lifetime, when I ran the Soul Food Cafe. It was a calendar that celebrated the work of writers and artists who inhabited Soul Food.

For Day 1 gather together your favourite holiday images. Savour the memories! Consider going back in time and visiting the Journey of the Heart to look at ideas about preserving memories in an online setting.

I have been looking at some holiday photos, enjoying memories of time spent with Duncan, the small donkey who has become a travelling companion!

Cooking Class Group

Cooking class in Istanbul 2011

Today you might like to check out ways to preserve your photos online.

A program like Mind Movies enables you to make a movie to celebrate some of your most memorable trips. On a recent trip, I used Instagram!

Experiment and find ways to showcase your favourite photos!