Six Numbats Digging

On the sixth day of Christmas, my true love (the creative spirit) sent to me:
Six Numbats Digging
Five Satin Bowerbirds Decorating
Four Australian Fur Seals Frolicking
Three Tasmanian Tigers barking
Two Superb Lyrebirds Mimicking
and a Kookaburra up a Gum Tree

Numbat by Ravenari

The Numbat, also called the banded anteater, is a small endangered marsupial animal native to parts of Australia. They have a long sticky tongue that allows them to pick up termites, which they eat exclusively.

The Numbat, the very essence of Australian bush identity, is under threat from habitat loss and introduced predators like foxes and feral cats. With an estimated population of fewer than 1000 individuals, we need your help to protect the future of this unique marsupial.

Project Numbat is working tirelessly to protect this endangered creature. They provide detailed information about this amazing, distinctly Australian creature who has come to remind us to talk our talk and walk our walk. The numbats are saying that we should not be afraid to say that “this is who I am, this is what I believe”

Project Numbat has some activities for kids! Kidcyber also provides some facts and photographs. Perhaps today you will be inspired and do some of these, or send a suggestion to the Numbat team.

Wild Speak provides a reading for the Numbat that may resonate with you.

♣ The dry and hot lands of Australia possess great strength and energy. Numbat encourages you to visit the warm and dry regions of your land if you have any. Look at the plants, listen to any birds, and feel the heat on your skin. There is a scrub wisdom to be found in the presence of numbat, and simply visiting bushland – or visualising the bushland – will help you to discover more of numbat’s wisdom. Source: Wildspeak

♣ Perhaps you will buy yourself a Numbat totem to put on an altar to remind you of their wisdom! Or support Project Numbat by buying from their store.

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