Twelve Fairy Penguins Diving

On the eleventh day of Christmas, my true love (the creative spirit) sent to me:
Eleven Koalas up Eleven Gum Trees
Ten Snakes Slithering
Nine Screeching Cockies

Eight Green Turtles Ambling
Seven Platypus Swimming
Six Numbats Digging
Five Satin Bowerbirds Decorating
Four Australian Fur Seals Frolicking
Three Tasmanian Tigers barking
Two Superb Lyrebirds Mimicking
and a Kookaburra up a Gum Tree

Penguins are birds. They use their feet and wings to swim. They cannot fly.

There are 17 different kinds of penguins. The fairy penguin is the smallest of all the penguins. It is also called the little penguin. Penguins only live in cool and cold seas. They do not live in warm tropical seas. All of the penguins live in the southern seas and oceans. There are no penguins in the northern seas. Fairy penguins live in the cold southern seas of Australia and New Zealand.

Feathers keep penguins warm in the cold sea. They have webbed feet to help them swim. They swim on the surface. They dive to catch fish. They use their beak to catch fish which they swallow whole. Penguins must come to the surface to breathe air.

Fairy penguins dig and nest in burrows or between rocks. They nest between July and November. They lay two white eggs. The mum and dad take turns to keep the eggs warm until they hatch. Both adults feed the chicks. Eight weeks after hatching the chicks have adult feathers and are ready to start swimming out to sea.

Fairy penguin is calling upon you to awaken your inherent creativity by listening more intuitively and trusting what the lilting call of the creative spirit. Utilise your inner power and believe in yourself. You can achieve anything. Acknowledge aspects of your life that are hindering your growth and deal with them appropriately!

Penguin is reminding us to play. It is important to remember that we are here to work at living not, as some do, live to work. So allow the play that comes your way today and embraces life. Life is for living and giving. Go out and enjoy the day. Do that very thing that you have been talking about doing. Harness the willpower needed to achieve your dreams. Let your inner child play. Be prepared to learn lessons in wild play.

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