Killing Time While Waiting

Are you hanging about waiting for Godot to come and reveal your life plan and tell you what you will be when you finally grow up? Are you killing time or is time killing you? Are there unfinished projects piling up, pointing their bony fingers accusingly at you? Can you honestly say that you are a good friend to your creative self and that you have nurtured your creative potential?

It is never too late to make the most of our time! We can grow by delays! I am currently letting things grow by delay, making the most of my time while I wait for Godot.

You could pack a bag and travel through the doorway you make! You could choose to set out on a Canterbury Tales, Don Quixote style trek! You might like to climb the mountain tops of Lemuria and live deliberately! You could stay at the house of Baba Yaga and complete her tasks. For example, she may instruct you to photograph all the old psychiatric hospitals or old gaols in your region. You could spend your time drinking from the well of memory, make space for intuition and be inspired by your ancestral past. Or you could simply choose to spend time telling your story, learn to re-story and much more.

DonQuioteIn following such winding pathways you just might end up becoming an explorer, wizard, adventurer, troubadour, plant whisperer, writer, secretary to donkeys, hermit, shamanic wise person, artist,  musician, tavern keeper, choir leader, griefologist, purveyor of creative stimuli, web publisher or whoever it is the fates destined you to be.

Let me know what you are doing and I will make contact and feature some of your work here.