Advent Calendar Cheat Sheet

Day 1 Preserving Memories Take the time to preserve your memories using a range of internet freeware.

Day 2 Ambassador of Goodwill. Priscilla travels overseas, is hosted by Soul Food community members and everyone masters their web skills.

Day 3  Be inspired by these two women and make sure to keep Young at Art!

Day 4  A delightful stocking filler for creatives looking for some inspiration

Day 5 Go on! I dare you! Become a Micro Adventurer!

Day 6 Will you go down the Rabbit hole?

Day 7 Your personal treasure hunt.

Day 8 Ways of Seeing. Investigate just how everyday items can be used creatively.

Day 9 Become a Creative Scavenger. Go on a hunt and then use what you find creatively.

Day 10 Draw wisdom from the trees.

Day 11 Become a cemetery explorer and create headstone storyboards.

Day 12 Consider how your home mirrors yourself and use what you learn to kick start autobiographical writing.

Day 13 Make a Mailbox Happy Today

Day 14 Seeking Poetic Spaces

Day 15 Examine your relationship with stuff

Day 16 Twenty Eight Things I Love About My Town

Day 17 Are you up to doing a bit of Mail Box Spotting?

Day 18 The Chocolate Box is one of the original Soul Food features which is packed with creative activities. Just choose a chocolate to begin.

Day 19 Creative Self Portraiture

Day 20 Visit the Soul Food Cafe Alphabet and find a host of creative activities

Day 21 Take a ride on the Magic Writing Tram

Day 22 Celebrating Street Art

Day 23 Celebrating Summer Solstice

Day 24 Kicking off Christmas Australian style