Seven Platypus Swimming

On the seventh day of Christmas, my true love (the creative spirit) sent to me:
Seven Platypus Swimming
Six Numbats Digging
Five Satin Bowerbirds Decorating
Four Australian Fur Seals Frolicking
Three Tasmanian Tigers barking
Two Superb Lyrebirds Mimicking
and a Kookaburra up a Gum Tree

The platypus is one of the most unique and difficult to comprehend animals in the world.

The Platypus is a mammal found in Eastern Australia and Tasmania and is native to Australia. Even today it is still found in small farm ponds and creeks and is protected.

In 1799 when the second governor of New South Wales sent the first specimens of the animals back to England it was thought to be a hoax. It was considered to be unbelievable. It was suspected that someone had sewn a duck bill and a tail on a small animal as some kind of prank. The scientific community of the day examined the animal to certify it’s authenticity

The duck-billed platypus is notable for having a broad flat rubbery snout that contains electro receptors enabling it to detect electrical fields produced by moving muscles of its prey. When submerged in water the eyes and ears are closed by a fold of skin. The sensitive muzzle of the platypus guides it while it swims blind.

Platypus Totem at Ubirr

“Most Platypus sightings occur when they surface from their foraging to breathe. All that can be seen is often like ‘the tip of the iceberg’—the top of their head, back and tail. Energetically, Platypus reminds you to go beyond what you first see and dig and delve into the emotional landscape of your psyche. Platypus swim with eyes, ears and nostrils closed (only opening their eyes when above the water), which gives them a sixth sense as to what may lie around them. They sense their prey through “electro-location” which detects tiny impulses given off by other animals when they move. Platypus wisdom teaches you to close off to the outside world and use your inner senses when discerning the direction of your own wellbeing”.  Source: Peacespace.

Platypus is able to live in harmony with its environment. It detects his prey (shellfish, yabbies, worms and other aquatic creatures) by sensing the electrical impulses emitted. Energy awareness is part of Platypus’ medicine. As Platypus swims into our world it is wise to make space for intuition and to live in harmony. (Do check out the message in this amazing work)

Platypus energy meanders along surprising routes – so take notice of any senses, impulses and dreams you have, especially if they startle you. They may ripple across your awareness like a platypus leaving a wake in still water – if you’re not looking, you’d miss it. Platypus brings the element of startle via very usual mundane ways, through your daily encounters in life and the events you experience. Read more at Native Symbols.

♣ Take a moment and read ‘Why the Platypus is So Special’ from Stories from the Billabong

♣ Stop to consider what is unique about you!

♣ Learn about Aboriginal dot painting

Aboriginal artist Bronwyn Ferguson working on a dot painting of the platypus

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