Quantum Jumping With Kangaroo

Kangaroo traits and characteristics

Strength – even though they look innocent at first kangaroos are extremely strong. Their front legs have claws that can cause a lot of damage to their enemies. Their back feet are extremely strong since they have to jump in order to move. Kangaroos can jump and kick their enemies causing them a lot of pain.

Speed – Kangaroos can be really fast. They don’t walk and the only way to move around is jumping. Because of this, they can cover a lot of ground just as any other fast animal.

Aggressive – Kangaroos can be very aggressive especially if they are protecting their young ones and territory. So as long as we stay a bit further away from them, they won’t have a reason to attack us.

The other day, when I went still hunting in the Chewton Bushlands, I heard the footfall and realised that a mob of grey kangaroos were slipping by virtually unnoticed, camouflaging themselves in the grey-green scrub. I watched as they stood, bearly discernable, watching me sitting under the ancient gnarled tree.

Kangaroo came to remind me that I can only move forward right now. For this reason, now that I have achieved some momentum, I not only need keep moving forward but I cannot look back. It is enough to know to keep moving forward – to know that I do not necessarily have to be clear on the path I am travelling. Simply moving is called for and the bigger the leaps and bounds the better.

The kangaroo can also mean that a nine-month cycle is at play and that my current project will take at least another nine months to mature and benefit me. I am fully committed to the projects I have undertaken this year. I know that I have all the strength and stamina needed to complete them. I have the ability to balance the creative energies and graduate at Monash. However, I need to be extremely focused and I need to keep my personal energy field clear of external influences so that you can stay centred and grounded.

Instinctively I do know which direction to move forward too. I will aim to hop through situations with ease and not look back. Kangaroo represents the intentional quantum leap that I can take.

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