The Superb Blue Fairy Wren

Here are some interesting facts about fairy blue wrens:

  1. These tiny little birds only grow about 14 cm long, which includes their 6 cm long tail.
  2. Only the adult males have the bright blue feathers that they are well known for.  The females and younger males are a dull blue colour.
  3. Superb fairy-wrens are very fast flyers and use their short, wide bill to catch small insects on the ground and in the air.
  4. They live in small groups, who all help to raise the 3-4 chicks that are laid every brood.  The group usually has one dominant male, but the females often mate with many males.
  5. Superb fairy-wrens are very common and are found in low trees and shrubs throughout south-eastern Australia and Tasmania.  They have adjusted well to suburban living and are often found in gardens and parks.
  6. Superb fairy-wrens (Malurus cyaneus) steer clear of danger by listening in on the warning cries of other birds.
  7. Superb fairy-wren dads who sing to their eggs get more attentive chicks.
  8. Superb fairy-wrens are adjusting their egg-size for the climate. They can strategically alter the size of their laid eggs to help chicks survive in harsher conditions.
  9. Fairy-wrens like to flirt with danger when courting each other. To attract the female’s attention, males sing their sexual display songs when predators are nearby.
  10. Male superb fairy-wrens change colour every year, from dull brown to bright blue. But being blue may be risky if you are a tiny bird that is easily spotted by predators. Source: Australian Geographic
  11. Male Superb Fairy-wrens have been labelled as ‘the least faithful birds in the world’. Females may be courted by up to 13 males in half an hour, and 76% of young are sired by males from outside the social group.

It is quite easy to become a backyard buddy for a blue wren!

Blue Wren Wisdom

Artwork by Ravenari – Wildspeak

“Fairy-wren shows us the power in positive ‘promiscuity,’ and in positive disloyalty. There are times when we need to stray from one person or project or workplace. It might give us the inspiration we need to go back to our original project, or we may find that we are no longer being nourished by that which we left. Fairy-wren is powerful medicine for moving on.

Fairy-wren can be particularly helpful for people looking for work, whether they are already working or unemployed. Fairy-wren teaches us how to canvas many different workplaces and not settle in the first place we see. It is up to us to make sure we know what we are getting into, and fairy-wren says ‘take the time and energy to check out as many places and options as you can!’ The same goes for partners and friends. It is time to canvas other friends, and maybe it isn’t time to settle down just yet. Fairy-wren tells us to know what is out there before we choose to settle down, that we when we make the choice, we know we aren’t missing out. Sometimes fairy-wren even encourages us not to miss out, by sharing its promiscuous energy with us and teaching us how to enjoy more than one workplace/partner/group of friends at the same time. (from Wildspeak)”

Superb Blue Fairy-wren Lessons

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Superb Blue Fairy-wren Art

Graeme Chapman Natural History Photographer
Original Paintings by Mirree
Wild Speak by Ravenari
Shelley Pearson Photographer