Wild Play – Who Will I Be Today?

I have it on good authority that 12 Fairy Penguins are coming on the twelfth day of Christmas to invite everyone to play.

It is important to remember that we are here to work at living not, as some do, live to work. I sometimes think there is another life I might have lived!

After spending a month, thinking up creative activities as a part of the While Waiting for Godot Advent-ure calendar, I am thinking that perhaps I will take the radical step of doing some of the activities I have suggested.

I am thinking that, while I go on waiting for Godot to reveal what I am supposed to be doing, I will ask the creative force how we should play. We might just find some wild, playful activities!  Anita  Marie Moscoso engaged in some wild play with her family and they all appear to have had a lot of fun!

One day at a time! To begin, all I need to do is decide who I will be today! How will the creative spirit and I play today?

After trawling my Flickr file I am reminded that I have many aspects! I have been many people! Will I be a pirate, a belly dancer, a traveller arriving at the City of Ladies or a Ferry Woman preparing to take people to the Isle of Ancestors? Will I read my tarot or slip through a portal, travel the Dak road and find a secret cottage to stay in?

Decisions! Decisions! Ellen Uma Bard who goes Wherever the Wind Takes Her offers 99 suggestions about how to play. How will you play today? Who will your be?

4 thoughts on “Wild Play – Who Will I Be Today?

  1. Suzanne 4 Jan 2018 / 8:08 pm

    This is an interesting post Heather. For me today the creative play began with creating a blog post in response to a writing prompt. Later in the day I got so bored I picked up my paint brushes and began working on a painting that I had thought was useless and only fit for the rubbish bin. The more I worked, the more engaged I became. By the end of the day I realised I’d painted myself out of the ennui that led me to pick up the brushes in the first place. It was an odd experience and I’m not sure it will flow onto further painting sessions but it certainly filled in the afternoon.


    • Heather Blakey 4 Jan 2018 / 8:32 pm

      The post came to me as I finished putting together the 12 Days of Christmas – after the Fairy Penguin reminded me to play. I was thinking of stopping once I completed this project but now I see that the whole idea of wild play is worth pursuing. It fits with my almshouse idea, especially when I read a response like yours. I think it is fantastic that you were inspired to paint and I do love your latest post after walking along the beach!

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      • Suzanne 5 Jan 2018 / 2:22 pm

        Hi Heather, I’ve been thinking about your idea of assuming blogging alter egos. I’ve just starting reading a book called “My Floating Life” by Trevor Hay, a writer from Diamond Creek, Melbourne who spends much of his time in China. When in China he goes by the name ‘Hai Lei’. He writes that the name is a “a kind of costume. Perhaps it would be more to the point to think of it as a stage name, since it often lends me the courage to step outside myself and perform for strangers.”
        I’m now wondering whether the time has come to open up a new blog and breathe life back into the ‘Almurta’ alter ego that had all those Lemurian adventures. I don’t want to go back to Lemuria and I outgrew Almurta as she then was – she did tend to run off at the mouth and was prone to tremendous exaggerations 🙂
        Instead I’m thinking adopting a blogging alter ego on a small blog that would have limited followers but which could provide me with a place to express the deeper thoughts about creativity, creative blocks and re-kindling old creative passions that I have been considering lately. I’ll let you know if the idea has wings… Thanks for the inspiration.


  2. Heather Blakey 5 Jan 2018 / 2:48 pm

    I think it is a great idea to breathe life into Almurta! Like you I am not planning to be any of those people I was before and I will not be going back to Lemuria! For a while, I was Anastasia for similar reasons to what you are outlining here! I do like the idea of having a name that is a kind of a costume, that one can pull on and off! Do keep me updated! I think your idea could bear quite a lot of fruit for you!


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