The Act of Letting Go

A couple of weeks ago Lizard entered my life, reminding me of being able to let go! This week, when I was quoted over $5000 to keep Soul Food online for another five years I was challenged! After personally sponsoring this site for over eighteen years, letting go of Soul Food felt like letting go of a part of myself.

When under threat the Lizard will let go of its tail as a defence mechanism thereby ensuring his survival. Choosing to let go of Soul Food quite clearly is not a question of surviving. However, this aside, Lizard is calling upon me to demonstrate that I have the ability to let go.

As it happens, although the site will not be as accessible to the visitors who have benefited from it, Soul Food gets to live on as a part of internet history. It can live, in its entirety, in the Wayback Machine, waiting for internet archaeologists to dig and explore. The work of this web archive is amazing! I am grateful that they are the caretakers now! I will be donating to them You will find links, that take you into the Wayback Machine, to favourite Soul Food features, such as the Advent Calendars, ABC of Alchemy and Chocolate Box on the sidebar of this site

Somehow it is very appropriate that Soul Food now lives ‘way back’, representing a part of who I was. Especially as I approach the finishing line, ready to graduate after four years of study, it is time to carve a new niche for myself and find new directions.

Tips for Letting Go

Mind Body Green

Turn to Gratitude for the Present


3 thoughts on “The Act of Letting Go

  1. animar64 15 Jul 2018 / 4:19 pm

    Creativity is an adventure and if we don’t take chances and break new trails we never leave home and see the world…which will smack you upside the head at times but it is great for the most part.

    We don’t know who will find the Soul Food site and what they will take away from it, but hey.
    It’s going to be great to see!

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    • Heather Blakey 15 Jul 2018 / 5:43 pm

      Absolutely! The classic was when my new supervisor, at a local school where I am doing my final placement, asked if I was the Heather Blakey from Melbourne who ran Soul Food. I sought refuge in this region, away from my former life, nine years ago. Apparently, she and her daughter had loved the Advent Calendars back in the day! You just never know who has visited, who remembers!


      • animar64 15 Jul 2018 / 11:18 pm

        Hmmm, could be a story there for me to tell😎

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