Fantastical Stocking Filler Fun

‘Some people say civilisation after a zombie apocalypse will go back to The Stone Age.

Nobody tidies up or collects the bins. The electricity keeps going off. There are dead bodies piled up in the streets.

It is actually more like the 1970s.’

Lady Bird books are promoting The Zombie Apocalypse as the perfect stocking filler for those who know that the end of the world is approaching.

In the early days, when I was promoting web technology to schools around Victoria, I often used to turn to the Hero Machine to get kickstart writing activities.

I recommended creating a fantasy figure and then creating some action that the characters were involved in. Without exception, the kiddies eyes lit up! They adored doing this. They particularly loved apocalyptic fantasy figures. They were inspired by reading the first paragraphs of  ‘The Masque of the Red Death’ by Edgar Allen Poe, and then writing their version, a version which introduced the curse of the Hope Diamond.

Waikato-Valuta (a student using an avatar) wrote:

The Red Death was coming. You could feel it on the wind as the slaves carried food, wine and other necessities over the drawbridge into the castle.

Many commoners had heard about King Prospero’s plan to escape the Red Death. They were coming, and they carried its venomous wrath with them. They could not be allowed to enter.

As the last of the supplies crossed the bridge it was drawn up slowly, the slaves struggling under its weight. However everyone knew the importance of withdrawing from the outside world and this made the bridge seem suddenly light, as it slammed tightly shut.
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Why should the kiddies have all the fun? If you go and visit Mind Splatterings you will find that Marilyn Davies is posting some delightful stuff about Apocalyptic Self Care. I like the way Marilyn thinks!

Make use of the Hero Machine! Have a hunt around the net and steal like a writer/artist! Find some things to get you started and come up with one character and breathe life into them. I will happily celebrate with you and provide extra readership by adding links to your artwork or writing here!

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