Gregarious Musk Lorikeet

A gregarious species, the Musk Lorikeet is usually seen in small flocks, and often occurs with Rainbow, Little and Purple-crowned Lorikeets. Like other lorikeets, this species forages mostly on flowers, specialising in those growing at the tops of tall eucalypts and paperbarks. Social, nomadic birds, they often fly in large flocks, settling in the twilight hours in a favoured place with fruiting or flowering trees. It often feeds in association with other lorikeets, forming noisy mixed-species flocks.

Musk Lorikeet is an amazing, inquisitive bird of the sun! Bursts of vibrant colour, these gloriously coloured birds are a delight to watch as they screech and chatter, hanging off branches and eating nectar. Gregarious by nature, it is common to see large numbers of lorikeets congregating at a communal food source or roosting site. The lorikeet’s bright colours and sunshine aspect give this bird a magical quality. When feeding, Lorikeets are agile and acrobatic, clambering through the foliage, and often hanging upside down to reach the blossoms.

Apart from reminding us to be agile, the Lorikeet teaches about the power of light and colour. The Lorikeet is a representative of beauty, energy and foraging. It seems to be saying “I am good at seeking out anything that fulfils my needs”.

Musk Lorikeets have been gathering, hanging upside down in a fruit-bearing tree in my backyard, dazzling me with their vibrancy, agility and playfulness. As they nimbly flit by they brighten my world, they help me to see the importance of being inquisitive, celebrating my own colourful individuality and finding creative solutions.  These birds often hang upside-down to eat, or while climbing – so they offer a different perspective. Humour is a gift they also bring!

These birds are not only encouraging me to be agile but they remind me to keep seeking that which is joyful and nourishing. They seem to tell me that nourishment comes from the seeking, not from the seed sought. Rather than setting goals and focusing on what may be the outcome of work I am doing it is the hunt that matters.

Lorikeet also seems to have come to echo common blackbird’s words about the importance of being inquisitive and of foraging. They also remind me of the importance of wild play and laughter.

I am on the right track. I need to remain open to fully engage in this 52-week experience; committed to unearthing treasures that further my craft. Working on this project is the perfect vehicle for self-expression – through my work, I can express the colourful aspects of my soul and share my innate gifts, interests and abilities with the world.

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