Kangaroo Hops Back Into Our Lives

Kangaroo, who came in week seven has hopped back into our lives with more lessons.

Kangaroo is held in high esteem like the Buffalo is in traditional America.  Kangaroos provide fur, meat and sinew, and are commonly an integral part of the Aboriginal spiritual lore. It is mainly a kangaroo bone which is pointed in the famous ‘pointing the bone’ rite and its related phenomena, although in some areas it is a jabiru beak or other item. Kangaroo carries ‘power’ – and just look at those muscle-bound bucks with bodies of a boxer!

Kangaroos are intelligent creatures, and because they are wary and vigilant, they pose a challenge for hunters. On the other side of this, there are negligent, lazy mothers who contribute to the high mortality rate of joeys to dogs, dingoes and eagles.

Kangaroos live in large mobs and their relationships are well organised, containing a hierarchy. A mob of ‘roo might indicate social interactions when you encounter Roo in this way.

Kangaroo young are born very tiny and they crawl up to the pouch.  (Watch it all happen here!) During times of drought, the unborn embryo can be reabsorbed into the mother’s body – recycling or a clever way of utilising available resources?

Kangaroo traits and characteristics

Strength – even though they look innocent at first kangaroos are extremely strong. Their front legs have claws that can cause a lot of damage to their enemies. Their back feet are extremely strong since they have to jump in order to move. Kangaroos can jump and kick their enemies causing them a lot of pain.

Speed – Kangaroos can be really fast. They don’t walk and the only way to move around is jumping. Because of this, they can cover a lot of ground just as any other fast animal.

Aggressive – Kangaroos can be very aggressive especially if they are protecting their young ones and territory. So as long as we stay a bit further away from them, they won’t have a reason to attack us.

Kangaroo Teaches Us

Kangaroo is here to remind you that you can only move forward right now. For this reason, once you have achieved your momentum keep moving forward and never look back. All in all, know that moving forward is enough – that you do not necessarily have to be clear on the path. Simply moving is called for and the bigger the leaps and bounds the better.

This Marsupial can also mean that a nine-month cycle is at play and that your current project will take nine months to mature and benefit you. Commit fully to your project.

This animal may also be letting you know that it is time to escape a bad situation. Simply allow your instincts to guide you and get the heck out of there!