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Steve Irwin – Saltwater Crocodile Totem

Saltwater Crocodile, a particularly powerful creature, has just swum into my life ready for week nine! This fabulous tribute to the saltwater crocodile is particularly comprehensive! It is a good place to start the week!

I want to dedicate my SaltWater Crocodile Totem to my mentor Steve Irwin who’s great passion was what he liked to refer to as salties, which is the Saltwater Crocodile.

The Crocodile Totem is an amazing spirit animal to have on your journey.  The crocodile is patient, very observant, contemplative, strategic, self sufficient, energy efficient, survivor, warrior, primordial, original, instinctual, connection to the energy of the earth and the water, knowledgeable about the cycles and energies of the earth, moon, and the sun by using its knowledge about them to its advantage, protection, maternal protection, keepers and protectors of all ancient, divine knowledge.  baring untameable creative life force, creation, destruction, primal energy, primal instincts, waiting and searching for opportunities that serves your purpose, concealment, grabbing hold on your opportunities, resourcefulness, creativity, learning to consume and digest all your life experiences, knowledge, wisdom, and understanding down nice and slow,  learning to…

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