Check out the 2017 Advent Calendar

Keep an eye out for the day when you are encouraged to take photos of street art. This photo was taken in Georgetown, Penang.

Back in the day, when I ran the Soul Food Cafe, come December, everyone eagerly anticipated the launching of a new Advent Calendar. I launched the first, Made in Australia, calendar in December 2004. From 2004 to 2010 I launched a number of features that showcased the work of artists who inhabited the cafe and offered activities for those who came to visit each day. You will find these scattered throughout Soul Food.

After being thrown some curve balls I walked away from my life, moved out to regional Victoria, resettled and began to reinvent myself. The internet has transformed since those early days and the virtual world I explored seventeen years ago is now heavily populated. While I have no desire to be noticed in the vast crowd I have kept my hand in. I run web publishing courses in my local community and enjoy seeing the sites people make.

While Waiting for Godot is the special place I come to when I am not working on essays for my Masters of Social Work (Qualifying). The university year is over and it is December tomorrow. I have decided to experiment and try setting up a simplified Advent Calendar using blogging technology. My original ones did not enable comments. I used Dreamweaver to make them.

This 2017, While Waiting for Godot Calendar is meant to be a bit of fun. Each day a new image will appear in a gallery. The caption will include links to activities, designed to amuse me while I wait for Godot and decide what I will do next. Enjoy!